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RootsMagic stores the information you enter in a database (or file). RootsMagic provides the following commands for working with databases.


Creating a new database

Opening an existing database

Working with multiple databases

Dragging and dropping people

Move or Rename a database

Deleting a database

Copying a database

Database tools

Backing up a database

Restoring a back up

Database properties

Saving a database to Dropbox (for Apps)

Comparing databases

Importing lists

Importing data

Exporting data


When you exit RootsMagic, you are prompted to backup the current database. However, if you close a database from within RootsMagic, the program does not automatically backup the database before closing it. Therefore, before you close a database from within RootsMagic, you must do the backup yourself by selecting "File, Backup" from the main menu, if you want to create a backup (and you should!)


Database Limits


Full version limit of 4 databases open at one time

Essential version limit of 1 database open at one time

Cannot open the same database more than once.

Limit 3 Edit Person screens at one time


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