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RootsMagic offers numerous reports, charts and lists that you can print or save to file. Select the Publish page. You can either click on "All Reports and Charts", or select one of the 4 most recent reports directly.


Selecting a Report

If you click "All Reports and Charts" you will see a list of all available reports sorted alphabetically. You can click the drop list at the top to select from the following ways to display the reports:


All reports and charts (alphabetical)

All reports and charts (grouped)

Charts (large format)

Charts (reports)





Research reports


Click any report to open the Report Viewer for that particular report. The viewer will let you select the report options and settings, generate the report and print or save the report to file.


Report viewer

Report settings


Report Groups

Charts (Large format)

Charts (Reports)

Form Reports


List reports

Narrative reports

Custom reports

Research reports


Reports Not in Publish Page

Note that all reports are not listed in the Create a Report. Some reports or lists are related to specific part of the program, and are only available from that place in the program. These include:


Counting Trees Report

Problem List

Relationship Calculator



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