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The RootsMagic interface consists of a single main window for each database you open. The window can be opened full screen, or resized to a size that is comfortable for you.

Main Window

The Main Window contains all the information, commands, etc. for a single RootsMagic file.  The left side is a menu to select the various "pages" that make up the interface.



Each page can be selected from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Home Page contains information about the current file (if one is open), as well as news, links to help, and information about program updates.

The Files Page lets you create, open, import, export, and otherwise manipulate RootsMagic files.

The People Page lets you switch between five views of the people in your family. You can switch between the views by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.

The Places Page lets you view places and place details in a list format, as well as map views of your data.

The Sources Page displays a list of all the sources in your file, as well as the number of citations for each source. You can select any source to see the full details of the source on the right side of the Source Page, including source fields, media attached to the source, repositories for the source, WebTags attached to the source, and a list of places where the source is used.

The Media Page displays all the media in your file in either thumbnail gallery or list view. You can add, edit, and otherwise manipulate the media from this view.

The Tasks Page displays a list of all the tasks in your file. You can filter tasks in numerous ways, or add tasks to folders to group them.

The Addresses Page lets you view a list of either addresses or repositories in your file.

The Search Page groups the various searches into a single page. You can do simple or advance person searches, web searches, or search for anything at all in your file.

The Publish Page is the home for sharing your information in various formats: printed reports and charts, online private websites, and on trees at Ancestry and FamilySearch.

The Tools Page provides a large number tools that make managing your data easier.

The Settings Page displays the various program settings in different categories. You can edit each setting directly from the settings view.


Keyboard Navigation

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